This term describes a variety of problems that can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle. These disorders include at least one (often more) of the following:

• Heavy or prolonged periods

• Skipped or irregular periods

• Painful periods

• Premenstrual tension or mood changes

Often women will struggle with these problems before finding a gynecologist that can adequately address their concerns. Although usually benign, some of these symptoms can be an early warning of more serious conditions that if untreated, can lead to anemia, infertility, or uterine cancer. A careful history, physical examination and if necessary pelvic ultrasound and appropriate labs, will identify the cause of the problem in most cases. Occasionally, minor diagnostic procedures such as endometrial biopsy or laparoscopy may be helpful. Once the diagnosis is made, we can explain the condition with you in detail and discuss options available for treatment.

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